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turkish handmade carpetsIndigo Gallery consistently admired the increasingly rare and old kilims of Anatolia. These represented a freedom of individual expression in colour and design that has significantly degenerated in today's new kilim counterpart.


In an endeavor to recapture the old traditions, Indigo Gallery created its own private Kilim Producing project in June 1996.


Initially, ten young women from the village of Tufanbeyli ( 200 kms into the Toros Mountains ) were employed to work on old original handcrafted wooden looms. Hand spun wool of the finest quality was brought from neighbouring villages and then they using natural vegetable dyes on the premises using the traditional methods.


In the early stages these women required strict guidelines and produced kilims with a limited and regimented repertoire of motifs. Gradually they were encouraged to explore and apply design concepts used in museum quality 17th, 18th and 19th century Anatolian Kilims.


Now, ultimately all the women are producing the highest quality naturally dyed kilims with motifs that incorporate the best elements of ancient traditional designs and their own unique inspirations.


Expert research has now placed flat weave kilims on a par with the most important of early tribal art forms. Sadly, this is the one art form rarely appreciated as being the work of a known of specific artist.


To ensure the acknowledgement of the individual artistry of Indigo Kilims, a certificate of authenticity is issued with each purchase including the name, age and village origin of the weaver, and the design and natural color source of each kilim.  




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